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I'd Rather Take The Train
(Written by Ray Harris ©2009 SOCAN)

I like to drive my great big car with my baby by my side,
She's long and smooth and really moves -
And you can't beat the ride,
But if someone stole my Cadillac and my baby left today,
I'd climb aboard that train and ride...and roll my blues away...

CHORUS: There's just something about the rhythm,
The sound of steel on steel,
There's a card game in the club car
And it's my turn to deal,
Don't piss down my back and tell me that it's rain,
I know that flying's faster, but...I'd rather take the train...

In Lubbock Texas for some breakfast on my way out to the coast,
Buddy Holly sat down next to me -
Ordered bacon, eggs, rye toast,
He said "That'll Be The Day" is pretty funny when you're dead,
But if I could do it all again...I'd take the train instead... CHORUS


I had a dream the other night that I woke up dead,
My spirit ran around the room -
But my body stayed in bed,
St. Peter met me at the gate, said "Ray man, where you been?"
I said I've got a train to ride... but I'll be back again... CHORUS

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