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Strange Days (Have Found Us Indeed)
(Written by Ray Harris ©2009 SOCAN)

I woke up this morning and looked out my back door -
I didn't have a clue what I was lookin' for,
Well maybe I was looking for some kind of a sign -
Like a light in the tunnel at the bottom of a mine.

I can appreciate progress, but here's the thing -
I keep lookin' around for Rod Serling,
The world's changin' fast and it's hard to keep track -
If you don't like it you can lump it - but you can't go back...
Well at least not yet but if it comes to pass -
I'll travel back in time and kick my own ass... Strange days have found us

There's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -
Can anybody here spell Vietnam?
There's young men dyin' where they just shouldn't be -
Daddy's comin' home but he ain't on leave.

We've got a legal system but I'll show you just cause -
That there ain't a lot of justice in all those laws,
Twelve years of suffering makes a child's eyes old -
It's a moral dilemna with no parole...
Who's to know what's the right and wrong -
I guess you might call this a protest song... Strange days have found us indeed

I took a drive last Sunday and visited Hell -
I sat down and talked with the Devil for a spell,
He gave me a tour of his fiery domain -
I saw a million lost souls in eternal pain.

He said "Let me show you the really bad section" -
He brought along some dogs for extra protection,
We walked down the Hall of Heinous Lives -
I saw pop stars, lawyers and vindictive ex-wives...
I asked him what he fed to those hellhound beasts -
He said "God gives me a deal on pedophile priests"... Strange days have found
us indeed x 3

Four in the morning and I just couldn't sleep -
Started counting my conquests when I ran out of sheep,
That didn't take very long but now I'm digressing -
At 4:02 I started counting my blessings.

I see beauty in places where I didn't before -
I used to care less but now I couldn't care more,
Your present and future are what your past leaves behind -
That's a pretty deep thought from a shallow mind...
If you look for me and you find me gone -
I'll call you real soon from the twilight zone... Strange days have found us
indeed x 4
...solo...then repeat

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